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             Marvels Refractories (Anshan) Co., Ltd (MRL ) is a leading burnt basic brick producer with supplies to industrial customer around the world. MRL is located in Anshan, Liaoning province, the hub of magnesia production in China. MRL plant is located in 150,000 square meter campus. MRL operates four ultra-high temperature (1850℃) tunnel kilns, one un-burnt product production line and one monolithic production line. The total designed capacity is 190,000 tons, including 130,000 tons burnt product, 40,000 tons un-burnt product, 20,000 tons monolithic. MRL operates over a dozen service/masonry/maintenance sites throughout China. MRL has over 900 employees. Registered capital is up to 100 million RMB, with a total investment of 350 million RMB.

             MRL provides products and services to Steel, Non-ferrous, Cement & Lime Calcination, Glass Regenerator and Coal & Petroleum Coke Gasifiers. MRL is capable to provide general contractor service from furnace design, refractory supply, to installation and on-site maintenance.

             MRL customers are located in Asia, America, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world. Many renowned companies around the globe are our long-term customers.


             ● 1949:  Shenyang Refractories Plant

             ● 1982:  Shenyang Northeast Refractories Plant

             ● 1993:  Shenyang Yuandong Refractories Co., Ltd

             ● 1995:  Shenyang Xingguang Refractories Co., Ltd 

             ● 2000:  Shenyang Xingguang Dongnai Refractories

             ● 2004:  Marvels Refractories (Anshan) Co., Ltd

             Our “nanny” general contractor mode, which combines product and service, was highly appreciated by the customers. 

             For more information, please download

             MRL Steel Industry    MRL Cement and Lime Industry    MRL Nonferrous Industry

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